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shinya kimura

Thursday, July 8th, 2010


There’s nothing I could say to make this better but link to his website

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Magnitka – Camera man’s cut

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010


This clever chinese design shows how a future bullet train might only need to slow down when changing out a small number of passengers.

Magnitka. Camera man’s cut. from Sasha Aleksandrov on Vimeo.


This beautiful time-lapse movie shows the process of making sheet steel from raw materials in Magnika, viagra Russia. It’s easy to imagine this process far removed from us until you consider every piece of metal within an arm’s reach went through this form and reform process.

from the vimeo page:

Shot in Magnitogorsk. The footage was edited in precise correspondence with the sequence of technical operations in sheet metal manufacturing at the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Factory. The result is a serious film with deeply transcendent subject matter.

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