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Happiness (or else) Hat

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

happiness hat from Lauren McCarthy on Vimeo.


Lauren Mccarthy has created the Happiness Hat which promises Skinnerian style feedback on your smiling patterns. She writes on her Vimeo page:

The Happiness Hat is a wearable device that detects if you’re smiling and provides pain feedback if you’re not. An enclosed bend sensor attaches to the cheek and measures smile size, a servo motor moves a metal spike into the head inversely proportional to the degree of smile. Through repeated use of this conditioning device you can train your brain to smile all the time. This is the first in a series of Tools for Improved Social Interacting.

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Der Mensch als Industriepalast (Man as Industrial Palace)

Monday, November 2nd, 2009


In a follow-up to a very early post regarding Fritz Kahn’s 1926 Der Mensch als Industriepalast, Henning M. Lederer has created which includes the above animation and an interactive application.

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